HewesCraft Boats


The leading fishing boat manufacturer specializing in welded aluminum sport fishing boats, Hewes Marine Company understands your love of the water. Whether you are ocean fishing for salmon with a client, trolling for walleye along a freshwater river with a buddy, or enjoying the lake with your family, a Hewescraft is built for a lifetime of great stories.


Shortly after his return home from World War II Bob Hewes and a few friends had a desire. They wanted their own fishing boats. In a season short on cash and long on initiative, Bob and his three buddies bought the aluminum sheets and other raw materials from a junk dealer in Spokane, Washington. By the time the first three boats were built and Bob’s friends now had their vessels, they soon lost interest in helping build his boat. Undaunted by the lack of help and still eager to have his own boat, Bob recruited the assistance of his younger brother Ralph to help construct the fourth boat. Suddenly a family business was born.

Fifty-nine years later the heart and soul of Hewescraft is still desire. Not a hunger to own a boat, but rather a passionate desire to build functional and affordable boats for fishing families across the United States and Canada. Although Bob and Ralph have long since retired, the company is now guided by the second generation family leadership of Bill and Dave Hewes. Hewescraft has seen many changes in the past six decades, but the core values have not been altered: We are a company that considers the people who buy our boats to be much more than just customers, but important members of the Hewescraft family.

Today our factory in Colville, Washington produces nine different series of boat models in dozens of different option configurations and sizes ranging from 16’ to 26’. The experience, technology, and craftsmanship of our 125 current employees have made our all-welded, heavy gauge, aluminum boats the benchmark for fishing vessels everywhere. Hewescraft boats are often copied, but never reproduced. And we’re proud to acknowledge that Hewescraft is the number one selling heavy-gauge aluminum boat in the state of Alaska – a place where fishermen take their fishing and their fishing gear very seriously.

As you consider a new boat, take the time to explore the details of our rugged hull construction, our roomy fishing decks, our functional features, and our approach to floatation safety which clearly sets Hewescraft apart from the competition. We believe you will quickly discover why Hewescraft boats are considered the “Fisherman’s Choice.”




  • A tradition of the highest level of craftsmanship and design goes into every fishing boat Hewes Marine Company creates. A Hewescraft is an heirloom you can put to use right now.

  • Hewescraft has been manufacturing welded aluminum boats in Colville, Washington for nearly 60 years longer than any other aluminum boat builder on the West Coast. Our expertise and reputation has proved itself over the years. Through the years Hewescraft boats have often been copied, but never reproduced.


  • Every hull has a 100% all-welded structure. Our thick channel supports and box beam construction provide extra structural integrity to ensure that Hewescraft boats will last a lifetime. Our heavy gauge welded aluminum offers 10 times the sheer strength of fiberglass, significantly more durability than riveted hulls.


  • Hewescraft engineering designs are downloaded to our computerized plasma cutter for precision cuts and repeatability in construction.


  • Hewescraft boats are built for serious fishermen with plenty of room for fighting fish, not the rest of the crew. Our high sides, wide gunwales and spacious design allow for pure fishing functionality.


  • Hewescraft boats are a great value the day you pull them off the dealer’s lot, and the resale value stays strong 20 years later when fiberglass boats have costly problems and riveted boats need repair work.


  • Each model we make meets or exceeds U.S. Coast Guard floatation requirements. Hewescraft goes the extra step to install recoverable floatation in boats over 20’ even though none is required.


  • Every Hewescraft hull is water tested in our factory—something many boat manufacturers cannot claim. We take flotation to extremes by physically swamping new models to verify safe floatation. Keeping families safe is our top priority.


  • Hewescraft fishing boats are the #1 selling heavy gauge aluminum boats in the state of Alaska—a place people take their fishing and boats very seriously. Our boats are built to last a lifetime, which means reliability and higher resale value.


  • Several of our models are available in both softtop and hardtop versions. Softtops provide the nice open feel of a run-about, while hard tops offer protection from the weather during those times when the big fish are often biting, and also a lockable cabin for storing gear while mooring.


  • Heavy gauge doesn’t mean heavy on the wallet. Hewescraft boats are easy to tow and store, and are fuel-efficient on the water.